The Birth of Bulletbytes

September 1, 2012

             I am a relatively new shooter.  I have been involved in the shooting community for about a year now, with my first match competition occurring in February 2012.  Starting at pretty much "ground zero," in the past year I have learned an incredible amount of knowledge about the gun industry, and the wonderful people associated.  My experiences thus far have encouraged me to become more involved, and continue to grow to improve my skills as an active shooter.  The shooting community has given my life the direction and fulfillment that I didn't realize was missing until I found it.  Bulletbytes is intended to help others find that same personal satisfaction by providing an informational, non-egotistical media that centralizes a wide spectrum of resources and support by fellow shooters.


               A year ago, I was pretty much just a single revolver girl; I occasionally took my .357 Dirty-Harry style pistol to the range, and was intimidated by semi-automatics.  I was embarrassed to admit that I didn't know what a slide release was or it’s purpose, how to hold the weapon, or how to use it.  Luckily my husband recognized my unspoken interest and patiently and privately worked with me until I felt comfortable with it.  Soon thereafter I became involved with a local women's shooting club, A Girl and a Gun, that helped me overcome my feelings in adequacy.  I soon realized there were many women out there that were going through the same feelings I had, that are looking for help getting over that hump in understanding how to handle a firearm.  Eventually, I worked up the courage to take an all-day Israeli Combat Pistol class to further develop my skills, and soon after that began regularly participating in shooting matches.  I have realized that there's not an end to journey, I can continue to grow and push my limits outside of my comfort zone, and enjoy every minute of it.


                Frequently, human nature restricts us from discovering new interests.  It is difficult to admit when we don't know something or need help, so we avoid it altogether until a gentle nudge helps us overcome those insecurities.  (No offense men, but this includes you too...I believe this is even more difficult for you to ask for help.)  The purpose of Bulletbytes is to help provide that nudge, to fill in some of the gaps, and to understand what it's all about.  There is much to learn out firearms, and sometimes the terminology can be overwhelming.  I can't emphasize enough that if you don't know something, ask.  Everyone starts somewhere, and if you admit you don't know something, usually someone is very willing to help you understand.  I have experienced a great deal of support from those out on the range with me, and they feel a sense of pride when they are given the opportunity to help someone out.  


                If you're not lucky enough to find folks like that in your community, don't give up.  Keep looking around at different local clubs and ranges, and especially on Bulletbytes.  Bulletbytes is intended to carry the "no question is too stupid" approach, and egos are strictly prohibited.  Use the site to gain knowledge, confidence, and connect with like-minded shooters.   Bulletbytes is very receptive to feedback and suggestions, and I want to know what you want to know.  If you want to add a term to the glossary, suggest a new resource, or want to pose a question to the forum but are too embarrassed to ask, send an email with your request.  I am more than happy to update pages to make them more helpful, or to pose confidential questions to the forum on your behalf.  (On the other side of that point, Bulletbytes reserves the right to remove comments that are degrading or belittling toward other users.)  The more feedback I receive from visitors, the more opportunities I have to provide the desired information for all visitors to see.


                I am very excited to launch the new website; it will help unify the community and encourage more men and women to participate in this wonderful sport.  Join me in sharing the joy of helping others get started, while continuing to grow personally. 


--Julie Fredlund

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