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Obtain your Texas "License to Carry" Handgun License 


Would you rather be a victim, or an armed citizen ready to fight to protect  yourself or loved ones?  Obtaining a Concealed Handgun License allows you to better protect yourself against those threatening serious harm.  Through our LTC class, you will learn the laws, rules and potential consequences involved with LTCs and owning firearms, along with heavy emphasis on safe gun handling and storage.  Learn how to avoid common dangerous situations by increasing your situational awareness, and use non-lethal means to resolve issues.    This well rounded class is intended to give you the confidence to carry in a responsible manner.


How do I get my LTC?  

Here are the recommended steps:  


1.  Click here to apply for your new License to Carry license through Texas DPS and download required documents

2.  Schedule Electronic Fingerprinting through the DPS application process.  

3.  Complete 4-6 hours of classroom training conducted by a certified LTC instructor; pass written exam with a score of at least 70%

4.  Complete a shooting proficiency exam conducted by a certified LTC instructor, and pass with a score of at least 70%*

     (Click here to see the Course of Fire Description)

5.  Submit all paperwork to Texas DPS for processing


*Please note, the applicant is expected to know basic handgunning, the shooting proficiency does not teach the applicant how to shoot. If the applicant is new to shooting, Diversified Defense strongly recommends an “Intro to Handgunning” class.

What information will be covered

in the 4-6 hour LTC Class?  


  • Laws that relate to weapons and the use of deadly force

  • Handgun Use and Safety

  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution

  • Proper Storage Practices of Handguns and Ammunition

How much will this cost me?  


1.  The standard license fee charged by Texas DPS is $40, but significant discounts are given in certain situations, such as Active Military, Senior Citizens, etc.     (Click here for the Texas DPS LTC Fee Schedule).  

2.  Fingerprinting arranged through DPS currently charges around $10-$15 for fingerprinting.  

3..  The classroom training and shooting proficiency through Diversified Defense includes classroom training, exams, and range fees.

4.  The shooting proficiency requires 50 rounds of ammunition (of at least .32 caliber) to be supplied by the applicant. Reshoots are allowed, which would      

    require another 50 rounds of ammunition per reshoot.  Applicants are expected to provide their own firearms for the shooting proficiency exams.

    Diversified Defense has rental firearms available for $25 which includes 50 rounds of ammo. 

5.  Optional “Intro to Handgunning” courses through Diversified Defense are available as dry fire classroom or live fire classes at the range.


**Note, the DPS fee and the LTC class fee do not need to be done at the same time or in any particular order.   Once the original DPS application is made, the applicant has  1 year to take the LTC course and submit all required infomation.  If the applicant decides to complete the LTC class prior to the DPS application, the applicant has 2 years to complete the application process.

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