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Current Class Schedule 

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License to Carry/LTC 
Handgun License Class
Required 4-6 hours of Classroom, plus Shooting Proficency.  
Firearms rentals available.

DATE/TIME:           Sunday, May 21, 2022

DURATION:            8:30am - 5:00pm (including range time)

CLASS LOC:            R2 Ammo, Liberty Hill 

RANGE LOC:          Private Range, Liberty Hill

COST:                       $90 ($135/couples)

EXPERIENCE:         Basic Handgun Operation

OPEN TO:                All

Basic Pistol 
Handgun License Class
General safety, proper stance, grip, aiming for accuracy, drawn from holster.

DATE/TIME:           TBD

DURATION:            TBD

RANGE LOC:          Copperhead Creek (Marble Falls)

COST:                       TBD

EXPERIENCE:         None, just a good attitude

OPEN TO:                All

CHL Fundamentals /            Intro to Defensive Shooting
 Shooting Fundamentals, CHL Options/Law, After-Action Plan, Drawing form Holster, Intro to Shooting and Moving, Reloading Techniques.  

DATE/TIME:           TBA

DURATION:            TBA 

RANGE LOC:           Copperhead Creek (Marble Falls)

COST:                       TBA

EXPERIENCE:         Basic Handgun Operation

OPEN TO:                All

Coming soon!
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