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Hank's Amish Belts (CCW); The Gunner

So, I’ve always been one of those guys that carried his holster on a regular work belt. In fact, I’ve competed with that belt and have taken several gun courses with it as well. I’ve used a flimsy 5.11 TDU belt, but just had more luck with a standard leather belt. I never gave much thought to a good solid foundation to my set up until recently. I’ve seen some really good belts over the last few months, from Crossbreed, Ares Gear, and Flashbang, among others, but found The Gunner, one of the Amish Belts from Hanks Clothing, can provide what those other belts can at a third to half the cost, in most cases. A clean leather appearance with the ability to change out the buckle, allows for daily wear in office attire, including a tucked-in shirt without the appearance of a “tactical” belt to give away the fact you are keeping your protection close at hand. It’s a thick 1 1/2” belt that will help keep your gear locked in place no matter the application. I’ve worn the belt with a variety of holsters in Hip OWB, as well as 4 o’clock and Appendix IWB, without a single hitch in comfort or security, in both training and competitive environments. With a good selection of belts, and a variety of other products, it would be time well invested to check out their website before spending your hard-earned money.

The Gunner, from Hank's Belts, a great belt at a great price.

--Vic Fredlund

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